Creating Freedom

Alex Dower, Artistic Director of the company, is an award-winning theatre & film director and acting teacher based in London, UK.  He trained at the Kogan Academy in London and has worked in over 50 prisons of all categories, as well as with disabled people, refugees, orphans and people with severe mental health issues.

Maya Lindh, Associate Director is a Swedish actress and director based in London, UK.  She trained at Kulturama in Stockholm and the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and has directed and produced a number of plays, musicals and films with various groups of young adults as well as adults with learning difficulties in both Scandinavia and the UK.

Siggi Holm, Associate Director, is an Icelandic actor, director and filmmaker based in London, UK.  Siggi is a recent graduate of the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts and has, since graduating, worked as a freelance

director on various theatre and film productions.